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plus size lingerie nightwear

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our designers to keep things personal and intimate

I think the trick is just to integrate a few key essentials that give statement pieces extra mileage. For instance, two great pairs of jeans, one for day, one for night. For me, it's raw indigo flares from MiH and vintage 501s. A wool blazer from Celine always makes the cut. You can throw it over everything, including a cocktail dress, and it doesn't take up as much room as a coat. I also travel in Ferragamo's ballerinas. Finally, I pack it all in a Globe-Trotter roller. Milan, Paris, and New York are my usual destinations for showroom visits, designer meetings, and re-sees. It's important for us to have as much face time as possible with our designers to keep things personal and intimate.

Funny enough, this relentless pace has made me cute lace lingerie appreciate those rare routine days more and more. On those days, I'm usually in by 9: 30 and immediately meet to go over the day's priorities, which can range from meetings with the team to go over the seasonal buys, organize orders, press requests, and, of course , plenty of emailing. I keep a mood board as a visual reference of current pieces, trends I'm focusing on, and just general inspiration.

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